With over 20 years experience you will be hard pressed to find a better, independent resource for your new media and digital marketing needs.  Providing world class websites, top SEO services resulting in several clients being #1 on Google and leveraging that traffic with Inbound & Outbound Marketing techniques, I have the experience you’re looking for.  Speak with me before you make your final decision.  I’ve had incredible success with SEO, SEM and PPC marketing.  Just look at the graphs below.



world-class websites using the latest, proven technologies.

We work together to develop a project that will deliver.  Just look at the graphs from clients sites.


We start with WordPress and then find a theme that appeals to you and the market you are targeting.  Next, we build the framework and develop an easy to understand navigation.  To finish up the site we populate it with SEO rich content and images.  But that is just the start.


Do you want to be on the front page of Google?

Content is King, Google tells you that.  There are no secrets to SEO.  You just need good content in your site and linking to it from reputable sources.


No one can guarantee a Number one spot on Google, myself included.  But what I can guarantee is that I will provide you the same quality of work and dedication that it took to get my other clients there. From a quality site and intuitive navigation to quality copy, graphics, images and videos I can provide you everything you need to get there.


drive traffic to your website and then leverage visitors into customers.

SEO is used to get your website organically ranked, but until that sets in you need to get traffic to your website.  This is done with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising such as at Facebook.


The 800 pound gorilla is Google Ads (Adwords).  I’ve worked hard and had some really successful campaigns. Twice in my career Google asked permission to be able to have accto and monitor my campaigns and used them to collect data for their research.


There is more to your internet presence than just having a website.  Not only does it need to impress by implementing the latest technologies, but also needs to be simple and easy to navigate. It needs to do all that while conforming to the search engines requirements.

I’m one of the few Digital professionals that has gotten more than one Company un-suspended from Google. 


Content Management Systems – everyone on the interenet as heard of WordPress. It’s really easy to use once set up. I believe in using off-the-shelf products so that any knowledgeable person can manage the website.  No “custom work” that can lock you into a developer or company. Plus, it is 100% responsive and ready to be viewed on all platforms. 


If you’re in business and can leverage the Internet for selling products or services then you need E-commerce.  WooCommerce is the favorite platform for WordPress and VirtueMart for Joomla.  I have set up several over the years.  I also have experience with Amazon and Google Merchant Center covering all your bases.


Google will tell you that content is king.  You want to rank well then have a good, informative website.  I offer written copy, video production and professional photography to keep your site growing and dynamic.  It is a never ending cycle of keeping up with the Jones’ in SEO.  Plus, it isn’t just Onsite SEO that you need to be concerned about.  Just as important is your Offsite SEO in backlinks.  A must if you want to compete for #1 on Google


Inbound marketing may be just getting them to your site but that isn’t really the point, is it. You want them to interact with your site, you. Whether it is buying a product or sharing their contact info. your site and email campaigns need to speak to them. They need to encourage action.  They need to instill in your client or visitor that you are the expert in your industry they need. 

Behavioral Analytics

If you don’t know, there is a combined science & technology called “Behavioral Analytics”. Wouldn’t you love to look over the shoulder of your visitors and see if they really like that design you stayed up night vacillating on? Spy on them and watch where they scroll, where they pause and what buttons they click? You can and it is called Behavioral Analytics and I’ve been using it for many years and I can set it up for you and we can see exactly what is going on with your visitors on your website. 

Analytics & Testing

If you’re advanced enough to know about Behavioral Analytics then if you find something not working what do you do? How do you fix it? “A/B testing” and “multivariate testing” are ways to do that. It means that we can take your visitors, split them into groups. We make the first group see the existing site and page and the other group we show a variant that we think might perform better and we test it to see which one works better. By doing this one of the past websites I worked on converted in the mid 20%. 1 in 4 bought. 

Are You 100% Mobile Compliant?


Responsive Designs or Apps for You Business website.

In today’s world if you are not mobile compliant then you are losing business.  More than 60% of first searches are done on mobile devices.   If your website isn’t mobile compliant Google won’t even offer it as a return on searches using mobile devices. Or, 60% – 70% of searches. You immediately lose out on most searches!


All of the websites I build go through a rigorous testing phase where it is tested on several mobile platforms. Because there are so many different platforms there may be some it might not be perfect on but for the most part it will look really good on most all common devices. 

Sharing What’s In My Head

Digital Marketing FAQ

Quick Answers About Websites

Really, that all depends on your needs. First, ask yourself if this is a real business venture or is this just a passion and idea of yours you’d like to pursue? If you’re not already making money from your idea, then for now it is a passion and you can use any of the free websites available. But if you’re already in business or are setting up a business that has a built in pipeline of customers? Then you need to choose according to your website goals. My prices are clearly listed. 

You absolutely can. But you know those commercials where you see someone putting together a website super easy? Try it. If it doesn’t work like that for you I’ll be here. LOL Truth be told, there is a LOT more to your internet presence than just getting up a website or page. Do you have your keyword list and a plan to use it? There is a lot to do…

No problem. I can build you the site you need and depending upon it’s complexity I offer 30 minutes to 2 hours training for your staff that would manage the website. Once it is built they can upload posts or put up or take down products out of the cart if you like. They just follow a process.

Quick Answers About SEO

Really, that all depends on your needs. Typically for a small mom and pop you’d expect to pay about $500 a month and up to a medium sized business about $3,000. 

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Meaning, all the necessary things to get your website or page ranked on Google. You are “optimizing” your site for the “search engines” to rank you.  “Local SEO” means that you are gearing that optimization towards a “local” geographic location. Like a city, county or state. There is a special way you need to put that in the website using what is called Schema Markup.  
Only if you want to be successful on the Internet. You have to compete. If you have a product people are looking for then you want to be on the front page of all the search engines but mainly Google. Think about how you use search. Do you ever go past the first page? Most people don’t.

Quick Answers About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, when done right, is a complete branded campaign that touches every corner of the internet your target audience does. Initially it is to send them to your site for something they want. The idea is to wither sell to them or get their info to sell to them. The Landing Page needs to be concise and to the point answering the important questions to weed out tire kickers. Once contact has been made you then target your new audience with helpful information about new products to reordering items keeping them engaged in your product. 

Yeah, some. It isn’t like it used to be. Everyone is trying to cash in so it’s difficult to find really good places to post for free. There are ways to do it, but you need to disguise your marketing as things like helpful info. But it is time consuming and the whole point is to free you up to do more important things. How much do you bill per hour? More than the $13 an hour a social media poster makes I hope. It’s simple economics. 

Maybe not. Lets see what happens if you’re in a competitive market in 4 months. What typically happens in this industry is a business decides they need to up their internet presence and get on the front page of Google. They hire an SEO and marketing professional and after several months they arrive. The funny thing is, once they get their the business owner thinks the job is now done. They don’t need those services that got them there. They are there now. Until your competitor looks at what was done and improves on it…Digital marketin and SEO are an ongoing battle.

Quick Answers About Ongoing Testing

In it’s most simple terms A/B Testing is testing one thing (A) against another (B) to learn which performs better. It can be as simple as the color of a button or as complex as 2 completely different landing pages. 

Pretty much, yes. I mean, as hard as you or your staff or your hired company has worked, you can only know if it is the best if you test it against other things. 

The list is endless. The color of a buy button. The main graphic in a header. You can show or remove blocks of text. Change a coupon amount to see how much it encourages buying. Change the position or style of a button. As I say, the list is endless but the results can be worth it. One experiment I ran increased sales almost 15%! Most increases are not that much to be honest. But around 10% is a common difference. Would a 10% bump is sales matter to you?