Digital Marketing - Websites, Content, Inbound & Outbound Marketing
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Your New Media Resource for Websites, SEO and Inbound & Outbound Marketing.

With over 20 years experience you will be hard pressed to find a better, independent resource for your new media and digital marketing needs.  Providing world class websites, top SEO services resulting in several clients being #1 on Google and leveraging that traffic with Inbound & Outbound Marketing techniques, I have the experience you’re looking for.  Speak with me before you make your final decision.  I’ve had incredible success with SEO, SEM and PPC marketing.  Just look at the graphs below.

KNL WEbsites


I build world-class websites using the latest, proven technologies. We work together to develop a project that will deliver.  Just look at the graphs from clients sites.


We start by using a CMS and then finding a theme that appeals to you and the market you are targeting.  Next, we build the framework and develop an easy to understand navigation.  To finish up the site we populate it with SEO rich content and images.  But that is just the start.

Content Creation & SEO

Do you want to be #1 on Google?

Content is King, Google tells you that.  There are no secrets to SEO.  You just need good content in your site and linking to it from reputable sources.


No one can guarantee a Number one spot on Google, myself included.  But what I can guarantee is that I will provide you the same quality of work and dedication that it took to get my other clients there. From a quality site and intuitive navigation to quality copy, graphics, images and videos I can provide you everything you need to get there.

Digital Marketing Proof

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the effort to drive traffic to your website and then leverage visitors into customers.  SEO is used to get your website organically ranked, but until that sets in you need to get traffic to your website.  This is done with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising such as at Facebook.


The 800 pound gorilla is Google Adwords.  I’ve ran some of the most successful campaigns in this region.  Google used them to collect data for their research.


There is more to your internet presence than just having a website.  Not only does it need to impress by implementing the latest technologies, but also needs to be simple and easy to navigate.

CMS Based Websites

Content Management Systems have been around for many years.  I have extensive experience with both Joomla and the now popular WordPress.  I believe in using off-the-shelf products so that any knowledgeable person can manage the website.  No “custom work” that can lock you into a developer or company.

100% Responsive Layout

Responsive means that the website adjusts on the fly to the device viewing it.  You only need one website for all devices.  If your site is not responsive then you miss out on 60% of searches.  It’s that simple.  If your website isn’t mobile compliant then Google does not even return it in searches.  All of the sites I build are mobile compliant.


If you’re in business and can leverage the Internet for selling products or services then you need E-commerceWooCommerce is the favorite platform for WordPress and VirtueMart for Joomla.  I have set up several over the years.  I also have experience with Amazon and Google Merchant Center covering all your bases.

Content & SEO

Google will tell you that content is king.  You want to rank well then have a good, informative website.  I offer written copy, video production and professional photography to keep your site growing and dynamic.  It is a never ending cycle of keeping up with the Jones’ in SEO.  Plus, it isn’t just Onsite SEO that you need to be concerned about.  Just as important is your Offsite SEO in backlinks.  A must if you want to compete for #1 on Google.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is not just getting people to your site but capturing their data once there.  Having a great website is just the start.  Highly detailed SEO both ONsite and OFFsite are critical for ranking.  But you need to actively engage in attempting to capture as many visitors data as you can.  Data is the life blood of business. If they don’t become a customer or client on that first visit you need to try to capture their data so you can turn them into one.

Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing is the practice of engaging your database of customers or potential customers usually though email but text and social media are now important resources. Once you capture their data you want to be an asset to your new visitor or client.  Custom mailings get their attention that specifically target the products they have expressed interest in.  The objective is to turn everyone you can into a client or customer.






Clients a Year


#1 on Google

Mobile Ready

Responsive Designs or Apps for You Business website.


In today’s world if you are not mobile compliant then you are losing business.  More than 60% of searches are done on mobile devices.   If your website isn’t mobile compliant Google won’t even offer it to searches on mobile devices.