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About Us

Frank Matowitz

For nearly two decades KNL has really been just one person, Frank Matowitz. All the skills from being an award winning one-man-band production company to making clients sites rank #1 on Google, it’s me and who we need.


Since 1997 KNL has been an award winning leader in new media development. I was one of the first companies to include entertainment video on CD ROMs and over a dozen years ago to develop one of, if not the first, TV Shows streamed over the internet way back in 2001.  Long before Youtube or any other video sharing site existed.  I have always been ahead of the curve.  And right now is no different.  If you need new media services including websites, SEO, SEM, Digital Photography or Digital Video production please drop me an email.

Most recently I completely re-developed developed a multi-million dollar web presence that because of the complete scope of the project the client wishes confidentiality. But just conversions have risen 3% currently with nearly 40 pages set to hit the front page on Google.


Just prior to that I revamped a local hardware company and their web presence.  They are now at the top of their industry using the most basic primary keyword in their industry.



Prior to that I built an entire IT department and web presence for one of Tampa’s biggest independent companies.  When I was brought on the former webmaster had passed away and all of his work had been lost and they were under a Google Suspension for black-hat techniques.


I also accomplished the following:

  • Renegotiated their email contracts saving them thousands annually
  • Renegotiated their web hosting giving them far superior service at a price less than what they were paying saving hundreds of dollars and improving service.
  • Launched their first complete E-commerce site
  • Upgraded all their old HTML sites such as their flagship sites into the 21st century with e-commerce, CMS based websites that have nearly 300 products.  When I left both of these sites appeared in the #1 Position on Google for several of their keywords.
  • Very successfully managed their over $120,000.00 a year Adwords campaign so successfully that Google wanted to use it for their research.
  • Installed a wireless system that shared the Internet to 2 buildings on campus that used to require their own Verizon accounts.  This saves them over $3,000.00 a year!
  • Upgraded all expired XP (yes, XP, over 50) computers.

The list is long and at some point I will make a comprehensive one but for now let me tell you what else I’ve done.

Previous to that I worked with Andy and Holly Wood of Titan Home Lending.  Andy is a very highly respected instructor for the FHA 203K mortgage program.  I met Andy through Ronald McDonald while I was his webmaster managing over 500 domains.  Andy just had a one page HTML site that had a picture, one paragraph and his contact info.  He was no where to be found on the Internet if you didn’t have his URL.  Well, 2 years since then Andy and Holly are in the #1 position for “203K mortgages Florida” and “203K mortgages Tampa”.  Search it for yourself.  Remember, this is the #1 position in Google.  Not just the first page, the #1 position on organic rankings.


But besides the awards I’ve won for video production I’m most proud of the fact that Mike L. Murphy chose me to work with when he was doing a project in the area.  Mike worked in Hollywood for years on such block busters as “Iron Man” and “Lord of The Rings” just to mention a couple.  We developed a motivational program that included Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury of Australia.


Let me give you some more background.


I pioneered viral video marketing and NEW MEDIA VIDEO MARKETING for business: internet, cell phone and iPod marketing long before anyone else.


Are you in need of  professional photography services for your event, product or publication?  I’ve shot everything from professional sports to fine art and most everything in between I  have the experience you need to get the images you want.


And no New Media company is complete without offering Internet services including web design with SEO.  Why waste extra money hiring a web designer AND an SEO company when if your website is designed properly from the start you only need one?  I use the latest technologies in content management systems that give your website power like never before.  Decide you need a new functionality added to your site?  It takes hours not days to add features like newsletter signups and photo galleries.  And the really great part is that if you have someone on your staff that is well versed in a word processing application they can update your website from anywhere there is Internet access and they have a computer or even a phone!  You are not at the mercy of the developer.  I treat my clients the way I want to be treated.


And if  you need video production for your site or professional photos it is what I love doing.  From television to published photos, I’ve got you covered.


How about e-commerce?  Need an online store?  I’ve set up dozens of carts.