Hi, thanks for visiting this page. I didn’t know I would get so many responses so when I took a look I decided this would be the easiest way to address this. I can thoroughly explain the project and people that are qualified can submit their bids.

The project is to design a 3D printable dragon head. This will be a large scale model with the overall width being over 1 M (40 inches). The end result of this will be several 3D files that will be printed in white, assembled and installed in place of the existing front part of a motorcycle fairing. If you’re not familiar that is the big body part on the front of a motorcycle in front of the handlebars. The design of these is a front half, that you will be designing this part to replace, and the back half that this part is actually physically screwed to. I have 3D scans of the two halves of the fairing already complete and ready for you so you can match it up right from the start. This is the exact fairing we are working with that I have the scans of.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/27596148554 

Dragon Design:

There will be some slight additions because I want to make the eyes LED lights and the mouth with the motorcycle headlight and some other stuff.. I will attach some images. Don’t be thrown by the colorful ones this is intended to be printed in white as I mentioned and it will have blue LED eyes that I already have the lights for. For some reason they are the ones I find in the style of dragon I’m looking for. I do not want it to look like a Chinese dragon. I want it to look like a mid-evil fantasy dragon.

Also, to make this easy for you to attach to the existing fairing you might be wondering how the heck are you going to get a head to line up like that. The back of the head I’d describe as like a “hood” on a triceratops dinosaur. Or there are these crazy little lizards in Australia https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2019/08/the-science-behind-the-frill-of-the-frillneck-lizard/ That will give you the freedom to make it meet with the fairing while being able to be artistic with the head and not make the proportions too odd. 

In the final step of this when it is printed I plan on doing it in certain pieces to make it work out best. For example. The head it self will really be 4 pieces. The top face. The bottom jaw and the two horns will all be separate pieces that I should be able to print out on my printer. The mounting piece is another story. But then these will all be attached and glued to one another to make the final product. For the dragon itself. In respect to what I will call the “snout” or mouth of this dragon you will see in the colorful examples that it is more what I’d call a “horse-like” snout as opposed to other that I’d call “Lizard” and “Dinosaur”. I don’t care for those either.

You will also see that in these examples there are lots of sharp spikey features in the face and around the back of the head. We can’t have all that. I’m thinking the skin would be more like that lizard skin or an iguana type skin. But scaled up. The reason is, I’ve done a test print with a dragon head with the material I’m going to use and I’ve already impaled myself to the pint of drawing blood more than once messing with it cleaning it up and getting the support material off it LOL. So although the hood can have small, dull ones at points; and of course the head has to have two nice big horns that go out to the side ( so as to not impale me in case of an accident). I mean, I’m not saying it has to be smooth, if anything more “bumpy” than pointy or spikey.  

Now having said that I’d like the teeth to be really nice. Like it is a Hollywood dragon with an agent looking for a tooth paste commercial. LOL. Nice and full and robust teeth that all meet at the gum line.  Two big top and bottom fangs. The headlight will be in the mouth and I understand that to make the face of the dragon look proportional I will most likely have to move it (the headlight) but the less I have to move it the easier it is. I’m also probably going to outfit it with devices in the mouth so that I can make it both breath a vapor or actual fire. LOL. (Using butane like in Bic lighters.) But I think if we make the pieces more dense at those points I can then drill into it later rather than you become an engineering expert overnight. LOL. 

This is where it is going. YOu can envision the headlight in the mouth. 

This is the detail the printer I’m using is capable of. 

If you have the skills and tools to complete this job please send me your bid to:
including samples of your work.