Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of creating content that meets the criteria set by the search engine companies. This is a lot to swallow but it is the difference between being number one and not. The trick to it is, you need to do it better than everyone else if you want to get to the top. There are many, many things that need to be implemented. The difference is, most do not have the diligence to really make it all work. 

Keyword Research and Implementation

Keywords are the cornerstone to SEO. Just like it sounds, they are the primary or most important words relating to your product or services that people would use to find you. There are three levels:

  • Primary – which are things like product or service names.
  • Secondary which are things like short phrases that would be very common. 
  • Long-tail – these are longer phrases that would commonly be used to describe your offerings. 
Developing a keyword list is the foundation of this work. Those words need to be craftily intertwined into the copy on the pages in such a way that the wording flows smoothly while using those keywords in a delicate balance between what is called keyword density while not overstepping the line of what is known as “keyword stuffing”. 


One of the main criteria, but by no means the only one, search engines determine the quality of a website and hence the ranking based on what is written on the pages.


  • Clear & Concise
  • Complete coverage of topic
  • Keyword density


The words used need to be simple enough that the average person can read and understand it. It needs to be concise yet complete enough that the content can be considered one of the top resources on the subject.  It is a delicate balance. Copywriters are either specialized in an area or need to become fluent in that industry really quickly. 

Onsite SEO

On-page optimization addresses SEO factors that you can easily control and improve, such as:


  • Website’s mobile-friendliness
  • Optimized Navigation
  • Optimized Page elements
  • Optimized Images
  • Internal Links


It is more than just what is written on the pages. It is how it all links together. How is the navigation labeled and the pages they go to? What is the page title and what are the H1 tags? There is a lot to consider on the site and this is just the basics. 

Offsite SEO

After you have every facet of the SEO completed On-Site it is time to work on Off-Site. 

Just like it sounds this is places other than your website that you optimize using the same style of copy and all of the same criteria but, again, not on your site. Social Media is a great example.  When you set up the Facebook account you want to take all the same care and attention that you did setting up the website. Cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. Then, when you link to the site it is important all that is optimized as well. 

Local SEO

When dealing with localized SEO very much all the same principals are followed with the added exception of focusing in the content the geographic area that the services are provided for example.


I help you grow your brand presence online and offline in cities where you operate. I create a localized search engine optimization strategy for the cities your business is targeting through unique content and optimized business information. I optimize your Google My Business profile and strategize to get your brand on the Front page and ultimately, the #1 Spot if all goes well. 

Technical SEO

One of the areas that is real important and can’t be over looked is the technical SEO. One of the most important of those is the speed that your website loads.


If your site is slow and takes a long time to load Goggle will favor other websites that have basically the same content but load faster. They want a good user experience and who likes to wait for a webpage to load. Google wants people to keep using them so they need to provide good, fast results.  I ensure your website loads at lightning speed for the best user experience.  I also ensure your site is being crawled and indexed properly.

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