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The Best SEO Services in the Southeast USA.


My SEO work has really had a chance to shine in the last couple of years.  One of the issues that past clients have faced was no budgets for marketing or they did not follow my advice in updating the website with relevant content.  My last 4 clients have taken my advice very seriously and we have had fantastic results.  All four of them have websites in the number one position on Google as of this writing.  Not just on the front page but the #1 Position.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest buzzes out there.  Everyone wants quality SEO.  You will find ads all over offering to get you on the front page of Google.  I’d be skeptical of that because Google doesn’t just hire a bunch of idiots.  They hire the best in the industry and everyone and their brother is going to get you to the front page?  Really?  Google spends billions of dollars on the integrity of it’s searches.  Does common sense dictate that all these people are smarter than the best in the industry?  If they are using “Black-hat” techniques that is more harmful than no marketing.  Once you get caught you will be put on blacklists and you will need to do a lot of work to clean all that up.  This is like anything else.  You have to take your time, do it right and you will get results.


The secret to high ranking is there is no secret.  Google tells you exactly what will raise your rankings.  You must follow their advice and you will rise.  What is their advice?  Good, quality content with good, solid, sound SEO practices.


How would you like to see your business #1 on Google?