Standard Business Website Package - Premiere Digital Marketing Services
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Standard Business Website Package


  • Award Winning CMS Installed, Setup and Basic Security
  • Your Choice of Custom Design or Pro Template
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN for Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Up to 15 pages of content
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO Ready
  • Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo accounts Integrated in site.
  • 1 Minutes of Custom Video Production
  • 1 hour of training for you or your staff to update site.
  • Starting at $1,799.00


We start with the the CMS of your choice. I now recommend WordPress. I used to suggest Joomla for more robust security but over the years WP popularity and massive growth have made what once was a little blogging CMS into the worlds most popular.

The shopping cart for WordPress is WooCommerce. There are others but they are the Kleenex of carts for WP. Much of the basic needs can be set up but depending on your needs there may be added costs to purchase additional plugins to make it do what you need to do.


With Joomla we can then add K2, the most sophisticated content extension available to expand your websites functions and power. Want to have visitor interaction by comments? K2 is what you use. Want to help with SEO, K2 has meta tags and cloud tags. If you have Events or reasons to display a calendar we have you covered. And I offer 1 minutes of custom video production. You can use this to make TV ads to market and promote your business. You can use it as Internet commercials or even videos for content on your site explaining some aspect of your business.

Your video may be 1 minute long video or 2- thirty second videos. Or up to 3 – six second vine videos for social network marking.


All shooting must be done in 1 – 3 hour day with 1.5 hours shoot time at 1 location.


We then consult on a marketing campaign and put your new site and marketing materials to work. With the way search is migrating to paid marketing, organic search results are fast becoming a thing of the past. If it isn’t you buying the ads to market to your customers your competitors are. Are there benefits to marketing companies? If you have someone on your staff that can spend about 2 or 3 hours a week looking at graphs and buying ads on Google and Facebook then I’d say try that first.


And finally we offer up to one hour of training for you or your staff do you can update your own site rather than pay a developer for every page or picture you want put up. We walk you though the process and show you exactly how to do what you need in your site and Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep your site relevant to search engines. The only thing you need us for is to add a functionality.