Award Winning Video Production for Tampa and Beyond!

One of the first questions people ask is “How much is my video going to cost me”? If you want a quality project that you could air on television you should expect in the area of $1,000.00 per finished minute of video in this market. But that all depends on what you want and how much work goes into making it.

I work with you personally so contact us for your specific project. KNL is an Award Winning video production company. We developed the first TV Show streamed over the Internet back in 2001. Let us help you with your video production needs. From concept to delivery we can assist you where ever you need it. Television and Internet Advertising Commercials to Promote your Business.


We offer multi purpose marketing videos to promote your business or services. These can be edited down to the 30 second TV spot or extended to put on your website to offer that perfect rapport with your audience to connect with them and let them know what is most important.


This includes our initial consultation where we plan the project with you to find out what your vision is. If you don’t have one then we need to learn about your business and philosophy to fashion a project that not only meets your needs but fits your style.


It is then written up, we develop an entire plan and get your approval. We then schedule a shoot day and shoot it. It is then sent into post production where it is edited into a rough cut that you the client review and request your changes and additions. You then are delivered a first cut for your approval. If you have any other content changed this is when we make them. Finally the graphics are added and you have your first final. Any graphic changes are made and then you have a final product.


Here is your Video Production Pricing Schedule


For Standard Video Projects
  • Basic – Thirty second web commercials – $499
  • Standard – Sixty second web commercial or 2- thirty second commercials (same graphics) – $999
  • Bonus Package – Sixty second commercial and 3 customer testimonials – $1299
  • Premiere – Two sixty second web videos – $1899


For Custom Video Production Needs
  • Half Day Camera Operator $350
  • Full Day Camera Operator $650
  • Director/Camera Operator Half Day $550
  • Director/Camera Operator Full Day $950