TampaBay & Southeast USA’s Premiere Video Production.

KNL is one of the original multimedia companies of this area dating back to the late 90’s.  If you are in Tampa Bay and the Central Florida area and are in need of cost effective video production I hope that you will at least make the call to talk to find out what I can offer you.  I’ve been in digital media since it began.  I produced and delivered the first TV show to be streamed over the Internet back in 2001.  Let my experience bring your ideas to life.


If you own a small business in the Central Florida area I can offer you some of the most cost effective video production to promote your business or services for television or content for the internet.  I’ve traveled all over the Eastern US shooting TV commercials for several years.  Use my experience to give you a top quality product while saving money.



If your a person with an idea for a show.  There are 2 ways you can go, the traditional path by getting yourself an agent or you can produce it yourself.  I can advise you from concept through promotions if you want to try it yourself.  If you really believe in your idea and can generate the revenue to develop it production has been streamlined and reduced down to where a very small crew can do what used to take over a dozen.



If you have an idea for a project and need the tools to support a crowd-funding campaign we can provide you the look and feel you want to impress your audience.


There is a lot more to shooting a project than picking up a camera and shooting away.  We provide the experience required for a well thought out, smooth working production.  Over the last several years I’ve been hired to setup several small production facilities.  Let my experience find a way to get you more than what you imagined for your investment.  You will hear me say time and time again, your money is my money.  I find the most cost effective ways to get you the most for your money given the current technology.


Experience in the following areas:




The first thing we need to do is to sit down and talk about your idea and organize it into a viable production.  One of the most frequent things I find myself telling clients is that having the idea in your head is just the start.  We need to get it down on paper so that your ideas can be shared, developed and expanded.  Until it is written down it can’t go anywhere.

Once we have the idea written down we then give it structure.  Frequently I find that clients can’t wait to get to shooting.  There is a lot of work that goes into pre-production.  Before you ever pick up a camera we have to know what we want the final product to look like so we know what we need to shoot.  When we have an idea of the final product we can then start ironing out details.  One of the first things is if it is not reality based is to write a script.


Script Writing

This is where we tell the story you want to tell.  If it is a business project like a commercial you will find that thirty seconds is a very short time.  Usually there is a lot that clients want to say and it needs to be pared down to the most important items.  And you need to have time for your company ID, any calls to action and your contact info.  There is about 10 second right there depending on your message so now your commercial content is down to 20 seconds.  You can see where your message is critical to get the most important message out.



I try and emphasize to my client how important rehearsal is.  Tom hanks rehearses, and every actor I know.  I’m puzzled when clients pay me good money for my expertise and I explain how important rehearsal is and when we show up to shoot I ask “did you rehearse” and I get ” I looked it over”.  Please don’t just look it over.  Do all those things that you probably have heard.  Practice in front of a mirror.  Now, with most smart phones they have video ability.  Video your rehearsal so you know what you look like.  Remember to smile and use comfortable hand gestures.  And wear the clothes you are going to wear in the video so you can see what it looks like on you before the day of the shoot.  When we go to shoot you should be completely confident in your performance and we are just putting it on video.  If you would like my assistance for rehearsal we can work that out.



This is where we plan out the area we are going to be shooting in.  We need to know exactly where it will be, ho w much light there is, how much light we will need, what the acoustics are like, what the camera angels will be like and all these production details.



On-Location – We provide everything you need, producer, director camera operator, lighting tech, audio tech and chief bottle washer.  Depending on your budget we can do this as a one-man-band operation to a full crew including hair and makeup.


Post Production

In today’s market there are several formats that we can shoot in.  Some require that the footage be digitized.  This is when the video is shot to tape.  There are many factors in getting the footage into the computer system that determine how it will not only look but proceed through the workflow.  Much of this has already been determined in the planning stages.



Once we have the footage in the system we then have to edit it for story telling and time constraints.  It isn’t easy to get a great idea down to 20 seconds.  That is why you want to choose someone with lots of experience. If it is a TV/Internet commercial, TV Pilot, film or documentary you need your story effectively told.  Experience counts.


Graphics/Titling/Special Effects/Motion Graphics

Your graphics, motion graphics and any special effects are really crucial.  Often, this is what really give your project the right punch.  Or, you may want a more subtle look that doesn’t distract from the over all feel of the project.  Since we already planned this in pre production the video is shot in a certain way to accommodate this.


In the pre planning stages we decided on where your project will air.  There are always new forms of compression and formats that need to be considered.  It is an ever changing market and it is our job to stay on top of that with the latest software.  Keeping up with all of this is one of the major expenses of production and why it is so expensive.   We can export for the following formats.


Broadcast/Cable TV, Internet, DVD, Mobile, and big screen.


To see samples of my work please send me an email for the link.