World Class Websites from Tampa

If you need a website in the Tampa Bay area or Central Florida I can meet with you personally to develop your project. For anyone else we can work remotely meeting through Skype to develop your web site to your specifications. I offer several price levels to meet a growing business’ needs. You have the choice of either Joomla or WordPress (What this site is done in) as I develop in both.

Basic Website



I used to recommend Joomla for larger companies that require a more robust website because WordPress was new and not that feature rich or secure. But over the years that has been fixed and WordPress is now the most popular platform on the Internet.


Smaller companies, where everyone wears many hats, WordPress is ideal because I can train someone that is reasonably Internet savvy how to add pages and pictures in an hour or so.   Most every company has someone that is social media savvy and if they can post on social media, they can post in a WordPress website.


I can offer you everything from a simple single page web page starting at $199 to a complete Content Management System based web site including e-commerce.



These websites will be “responsive” in design. That means the website comes ready for cross platform deployment. Or, in simpler terms – the site is ready for all sized devices, computers, tablets and smartphones. To see this you can grab the far right edge of your browser that this site is in and click and hold the edge and start to squeeze the browser skinny. As you do that you will see the top menu change and things jump around the site to reconfigure for different sized screens.   If you notice, everything in my websites transfers and changes nicely for all sizes. But just having a great website is like having a great business card stuffed in a drawer.


SEO & Marketing Included

Today SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a MUST. You need to be found on the Internet and SEO and marketing is how that is done. Without it you are dead in the water. I have been incredibly successful in this area as of this writing my previous employer for over the last 3 years has been in the top 3 spots on Google with up to 6 organic returns on the front page out of 9.  That is 70% of the worlds largest marketplace on their front page for primary keywords.  More simply put, their top return is in one of the top 3 spots and they have up to 6 other returns on the front page. There are only 9. 



Here is what I do for my current clients or employers. The days of putting up a website and it going viral are pretty much gone. Sure you will hear about a success once in a while but you have a better chance of hitting the lottery.


I include the basic SEO in your websites and offer a custom marketing packages based on your budget and needs. This gives you more than just a site but a complete branding and marketing package that all you need to do is follow a simple program of updating and you will see the results yourself.


Because of contractual obligations I’ve decided to just give the basic information of past websites success.  I’m happy to discuss details with prospective clients or employers.


Because of contractual obligations clients remain confidential.

This company got online and not long after, in 2012, they were hit with a Google suspension and never were able to recover. I came on board and, after hiring 2 other people to fix it, I was able to get the suspension removed and the business exploded. 

Because of contractual obligations clients must remain confidential.

One of the state of Florida’s top experts in mortgages. Prior to us working together they had a single, white, html page with his picture and a couple paragraphs. That was it. We developed them a state-of-the-art website and they have been so busy since the SEO hit they are expanding. And to increase their share they recently put up a new product based site that is an SEO strategy to use the URL as part of the SEO plan. They are one of the top lenders in the state for their type of loans