There is a lot, and I mean a lot of information out there about SEO.  Really, information overload.  So to make that easier if you are not in a position to hire an SEO Professional like myself check these three things on your website right now and make sure you are covered on these fronts.  This in itself will help your bottom line.


Website URL

Did you purchase your domain based on your business and not your product line?  Many do this and you should own your company name domain. But that should just be to have a web presence so people can learn about you.  If you want to market products or services online you should get a URL that reflects that.  Most .com domains are gone but using dashes you might get lucky.  Get a URL that reflects what it is you want to do. rather than website.  It helps a lot with SEO.  You should be able to just clone your current website into that directory and change the content.  Most any hosting company will probably clone your site for you.  Just put in a support ticket and explain what you need and BOOM!  Then update your content and submit it to the search engines to crawl it.


Real Keywords

Are you using the keywords that are being returned for searches in your industry?  Most of us use the ones you thought would be the best when you built your website.  You should be collecting data from your visitors and doing competitor research.  This will hash out what the real keywords are that work as opposed to what we think will work.  Once you find this out you need to update your website.  Put those top keywords in your page titles, and first sentence on the page you want specific to that product and build backlinks to your site using them.


Updating Content

Are you updating the content on your site using those keywords?  Do you have your dynamic content on the front page of your site like this blog on mine?  My keyword I want is “SEO Tips” but my website is built out and I’d need to add a new section to put that on there.  Or, just have my blog on the front of the website so when I post a new blog I can get fresh keywords on the page.   If you are not following this basic principal that all SEO professionals tell you then you most likely will not get to the front page.