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Digital Marketing

To help drive conversions, whatever that is for you, before you get to the front page of Google you need to invest in SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) to drive traffic to your site.


To maximize your ROI you need to have inbound marketing techniques built into your site to turn visitors into potential clients.  This includes conversion funnel or click funnel type landing pages and giveaways in exchange for visitor data that don’t convert.  Data is what you will thrive by.  You need to get their data so that you can market to them.  It is an industry all in itself.  Inbound Marketing solutions like HubSpot and others make it possible for a small to medium sized business to leverage the same features as a Fortune 500.



SEM is your life blood if you can afford to invest in it then Google Adwords is the 800 lbs gorilla.  Bing also has Bing Ads which you shouldn’t ignore because it is less expensive and if done right, actually gets a higher conversion rate than Google.  But it is way less traffic.  So if you want to see immediate results, I mean immediate, invest in a Google Adwords Campaign.



PPC is advertising is just what it sounds like.  You are paying to send people to your website, click by click.  That being the case you do not want to take it lightly.  You must have all your ‘T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted.


When you are spending money to get people to your website you want to pull out all the stops to leverage that traffic as much as possible.  This means:

  • High Quality Keyword List
  • Ads Branded to Match Website
  • Ads link to specific Landing Pages
  • Landing Pages designed for Maximum Conversions
  • Landing Pages feature Data Capture and Calls to Action


There are techniques that I’ve learned working on several projects over the years in several different industries.  With each project I sign non-compete agreements so that I don’t go right to their competitor and beat them out because I know what I did.  This affords me the ability to see and understand things in a much broader perspective and learn the true things that breed success.  There are tweaks and targets that are not obvious at first but pay off big in results. Results that get traffic to your site.



But what happens with that traffic is just as important as getting it there.  If you’re getting hundreds or thousands of visit from your efforts what are you doing to leverage that traffic?  That is your onsite inbound marketing techniques.


Like in this website you will find pages laid out similar to click funnels and offers for a free SEO assessment to get their contact info.  If people arriving to your site don’t convert in one way, get them to in another so that you are leveraging the traffic.  Give something away to get their info.  If you get their legitimate info then you can reach out to them and try to convert them from a visitor to a customer.  If your a tire shop give away free tire rotations.  If you’re a bakery give away a coupon for a free item.  Do whatever it takes to convert them in some way.



When thinking of conversions most people think of making a sale.  That is right but you shouldn’t be so focused on that that you over look other forms of conversion.  If a sale is your primary conversion you need to have a secondary or even tertiary means of conversion.  An example would be if they don’t buy then make an attempt to capture their contact info for an incentive of something free.  The tertiary would be when they click the website to leave you give them one last chance to provide their info for another incentive.



To convert them from a visitor to a customer takes effort on your part.  Again, just like building the website there were all these other steps to success?  Yep, now that you have their contact info you need to effectively market to them.  One of the best ways is to track their movements with cookies and then you can send marketing materials directly to them bases on their surfing habits in your website.  Rather than offer them 20% off on their purchase, offer them 20% off this weekend only on that widget they were looking at.  And use urgency to buy.


You need to combine and leverage all the techniques, calls to action, easy to reach people, yes, people.  One of the most frequent complaints are not about products but about customer service.  No matter how irate the customer, treat them with dignity and respect.  One bad review is seen by everyone.  Make your customers happy.  And then it never hurts to incentivize them to leave good reviews.  See… it never ends.   Lets not forget getting referrals.. and on and on…