Elite Business Website

This is a website with literally all the bells and whistles that a growing business needs.


  • Develop in-depth relationship with clients
  • Eliminate needless support calls/staff
  • Client/Client relationships build a strong brand identity


This is what Web 2.0 was really about. Being able to interact with your visitors/clients. This takes that to a whole new level. 


Many businesses can benefit from this because one of the features we can build in this website is a Customer Portal. This is the kind of website that really helps you retain customers and market specific products to them and is the best way to build brand identity.   There are a number of uses for a portal. 

  • Keep Informed
  • provide review information
  • stage events
  • Customer shared stories
  • Customer based events
  • Shared media


You can build a website where customers can communicate with each other. This is the kind of site where you have not only ecommerce but it would also have a large community of users that you would like to interact with one another.


A great example would be a bicycle shop. They have lots of things to sell to their customers once they buy their bikes. New gear comes out, new accessories. A really marketing savvy bike shop will interact with their customers and set up rides in areas so people can socialize. Allow your group to organize their own rides. All of this can be promoted on your own social media website. Your own Facebook if you will. Customers can post lots of social content of them using their bike and sharing of photos and video from rides. Fostering a closer knit biking community and building brand identity like nothing else. 


What do you get

  • WordPress CMS Installed, Setup and High Security Implemented
  • Professionally Developed Theme for Your Site
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN for Cross Platform Compatibility using Elementor for best results
  • Up to 30 Pages of Content in site including pages and blogs
  • SEO Ready
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration
  • Up to 50 Products in your cart.
  • Client Interaction Installed and Implemented (Social Network/Client Portal).
  • Facebook, Twitter accounts Setup and integrated into the site.
  • Events Calendar
  • 3 Minutes of Custom Video Production ($3,000.00 Value)
  • 1 hour of training for you or your staff to update site.
  • Starting at $7,899.00

Is This Right For You?

If it will benefit your business to have close interaction with your customers and build relationships, this is the website for you. This is an investment in your business and frankly, you don’t want to leave something this important to someone that has never developed sites of this complexity. This is a huge website and a huge undertaking but if your business can benefit from this and you have the time or money to make it all work, then there is no better choice


Starts with a WordPress Website

Websites of this size and scope are built in stages. First we start with WordPress and develop the basic site. This includes all the security implemented, optimization set up and a whole host of adjustments to make the site perform properly. Then we add the content like the Homepage , About Us, Contact and all that static stuff that goes in your site. 



Then the blog part of the website is set up. This is where dynamic content lives. Things like your sales promotions and technical blogs live here. This is where your business can show it’s personality if you like. 


All of this is then tested and checked to function properly on more than a dozen configurations and devices. Actually checked. I do use emulators but you have to see it in that real environment because emulators are wrong a fair amount of the time.


Next Is Your Shopping Cart – WooCommerce

Once the basic website is there and you are happy, WooCommerce is add and set up. If you do not currently have an online cart there is a lot of information that needs to be created. This is one of the reasons that the price is “Starting at $7,899.00.” If you have more than 50 products to go in your cart the price will be higher. This is a very involved process using spreadsheets and compiling all the complete information for each and every product. This has to be done right and can’t be half-stepped. You gotta do it right. 



Once everything with the website is completed now we can install and implement how you want your website to interact with your customers. Everything else needs to be set up first because we are going to want to implement a lot of features from the site and cart into the portal or network. It has to exist and should be completed when you use it in other areas so it all works properly. If you’ve never done this before you wouldn’t know that… :-)



3 Minutes of Custom Video Production. 

If you are finding this information on your own and are not aware, in my career I’ve won awards as both a video producer and camera operator.


You can use this to make TV/Internet ads or create and explainer video to market and promote your business.  If you have a vision we can create it. I even have a green screen setup. So you can literally use your complete imagination. However, if the production expands to more than just you and me? We need to look at a budget.  :-)


There are so many places and configurations for video now it is easiest to just say you get 3 minutes of finished video. (A $3,000.00 value as I charge $1,000.00 per minute of finished video.)


All shooting must be done in 1 – 8 hour day with 5 hours shoot time at no more than 2 locations within a 15 mile distance.



When we begin this process we will meet and have a clearly defined plan on things like out target demo, how we want to reach them. How we want to get them to the site. Where we will do it at. What we do once we get them there. All of that will be hashed out before we even start the site. Once everything is built is when the real work begins.


Over the years, even when you are successful with organic search, it has shifted to where you just can’t ignore paid search. If it isn’t you buying the ads to market to your customers – your competitors are. When I turn your site over to you, you will have your accounts set up and working. 


Are there benefits to marketing companies maintaining all of this?  If you have someone on your staff that can spend about 2 or 3 hours a week looking at graphs and buying ads on Google and Facebook then I’d say try that first. Unless you are prepared to invest considerable amounts of money in Pay Per Click, you can keep your budgets to like $20 a day for a small business. That is enough to get data and gauge how to proceed.  I am available for my digital marketing skills in an additional agreement. 



And finally I offer up to one hour of training for you or your staff do you can update your own site rather than pay a developer for every page or picture you want put up.  We walk you through the process and show you exactly how to do what you need in your site and Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep your site relevant to search engines.  The only thing you need us for is to add a functionality.