Elite Business Package - Premiere Digital Marketing Services
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Elite Business Website.


  • Award Winning CMS Installed, Setup and Basic Security
  • Your Choice of Custom Design or Pro Template
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN for Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Up to 30 Pages in site
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO Ready
  • VirtueMart Shopping Cart Integration
  • JoomSocial Social Networking
  • Facebook, Twitter accounts Setup and integrated into the site.
  • HighWood Design Multimedia Platform
  • Events Calendar
  • 3 Minutes of Custom Video Production
  • 1 hour of training for you or your staff to update site.
  • Starting at $7,899.00

For a medium to large sized business you need our Elite Business Package.


Do you need an eCommerce website and more?


The Elite package starts with the CMS of your choice (Joomla or WordPress). I then set up the eCommerce portion of the site, get it all set up as far as functionality and get just a few intial products in to make sure it works.  We then add in any other features your concept requires.  That can be things as simple as forms to as complex as an entire social networking feature so you can have your own Facebook-like section of your site.

We then add K2, the most sophisticated content extension available to expand your websites functions and power.  If you want to have visitor interaction by comments? K2 is what you use.  Do you want to help with SEO? K2 has meta tags and cloud tags.

You’re eCommerce portion of the site will depend on your choice of CMS.  If you choose Joomla the integrated cart for it is called VirtueMart.  And if you use WordPress it used WooCommerce.  Both of these applications are built specifically for their respective CMSes and work seamlessly with them.  This allows you to have one database, one everything.

If your using multimedia and have need for a video wall then HighWood Designs have been developing multimedia products since video mattered. If your needs are more basic we can strip it down to AllVideo from JoomlaWorks who also makes the Front Page Slide Show if you want that large, sliding image that is so popular now.

And if you are trying to capture a market then you want to have your own social network component.  JoomSocial looks and feels just like the Industry standard worked when everyone liked it.  People can meet up online, post pictures and videos, share events and posts have a content stream, all that.

Project Concept with McDonalds Publishing - Other World NetworkStarlight Entertainment and Transportation LIVE Elite Business Package example.

If you have Events or reasons to display a calendar we have you covered.

And We offer 3 minutes of custom video production.  You can use this to make TV ads to market and promote your business.  You can use it as Internet commercials or even videos for content on your site explaining some aspect of your business. Your video may be 1 – 3 minute long video or any combination of 2 minute, 1 minute and thirty second videos.  Or up to 10 – six second vine videos for social network marking.  All shooting must be done in 1 – 8 hour day with 5 hours shoot time at no more than 2 locations within a 15 mile distance.

We then consult on a marketing campaign and put your new site and marketing materials to work.  With the way search is migrating to paid marketing, organic search results are fast becoming a thing of the past.  If it isn’t you buying the ads to market to your customers your competitors are.  Are there benefits to marketing companies?  If you have someone on your staff that can spend about 2 or 3 hours a week looking at graphs and buying ads on Google and Facebook then I’d say try that first.

And finally we offer up to one hour of training for you or your staff do you can update your own site rather than pay a developer for every page or picture you want put up.  We walk you though the process and show you exactly how to do what you need in your site and Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep your site relevant to search engines.  The only thing you need us for is to add a functionality.