PPC advertising isn’t cheap. Having had more than a few clients over the years there is a common theme among the mistakes.  One of the most common is that people want to try and stuff too much into their Adwords campaigns.  That is not how it works.


As a business owner you want people to know everything you can get to them so that you have every chance for business.  This isn’t unreasonable but it is not how PPC advertising works.  You have to think of it as Google.  Google wants to give people the best search results for what they are looking for so they keep using Google.  If they send the user to a page full of different results people tend to do what is called “bounce”.  That is when someone lands on a page, can’t find what they want and leave or bounce.


What ends up happening is that you waste your money or Google stops placing your ad high in the results because of the bounce.  They see that in their data.  So you need to have concise, accurate information about one subject on your page.


If you’re running and Adwords campaign you need to have what are called “Landing Pages”.  They are pages specifically designed for people to land on coming from your PPC advertising.  There are different thoughts on the design but the industry standard is a short video on the left, a paragraph describing your product or service next to it and a call to action or “buy” button so they can react.  You can have content going into a deeper explanation on the lower parts of the page but on the top part you want to get the message out quick and give them the chance to respond.


Also, you want to design your campaigns in the same manner.  Pick your keywords carefully.  They are what all of this is based on.  Don’t mix things up.  If you sell pool tables and accessories then either focus on the tables or accessories but not both.  It is even better if there is a particular brand of pool table and just market for that.  The reason is, you want people looking for that very specific thing to find you and find that landing page so they find exactly what they are looking for and react, or convert.  That can be a sale or a lead.  But if you try the method I call “throwing the spaghetti at the wall”, you’re going to have a hard time of it. Focus, focus, focus.


Then, design your ad to reflect all this.  Use the keywords and use a phrase that connects the user to the product.  XYZ Pool Tables on Sale.  Buy Your now for discounts.  Something along those lines.


In conclusion, focus your keywords, focus your ads and focus your landing page on just one product and do it well.