Printing and Design Costs.


Do you need inexpensive business cards?  How about promotional flyers?  We offer some of the most competitive pricing you will find for some of the highest quality printing available.  You know those beautiful, shiny cards you see that look so great?  We can offer them probably at the same price you are paying your local printer for dull matte cards.

Do you need a new fresh look?

Design Costs:

Type Setting $20 This is derived from a series of basic designs that are available.  I simply add your information and submit it to the printer.
Custom Design $35With this service we will create your design from the ground up using images, copy text, and stock photography provided by you.
Premium Design $90With this service we will create your design from the ground up using your copy text and logo. This service includes any art or stock photography that may need to be purchased.





Business cards printing cost:

Single side$35$40$60$75$118$168 
Double Side$45$50$70$85$128$178 




Do you need MARKETING MATERIALS?  Post cards? Flyers?  Here is where you can find pricing for promotional materials. 

Flyer Design Costs:

1/8 Page 2.75×4.2530.0045.00100.00
3×5 Flyer30.0045.00125.00
1/4 Page – OUR Ad On Back30.0045.00125.00
1/4 Page 4.25×5.530.0065.00125.00
CD Cover 4.75×4.7550.0065.00125.00
1/3 Page 3.5×8.530.0065.00125.00
1/2 Page 5.5×8.530.0085.00175.00
2/3 Page 8×830.0085.00175.00
3/4 Page 8.5×8.530.0085.00175.00
Full Page 8.5×1130.00125.00200.00








Flyer Printing Costs:

1/8 Page 2.75×4.25576190951652483303894537301366
3×5 Flyer454969792123184245295819371754
1/4 Page – OUR Ad On Back44447598       
1/4 Page 4.25×5.57579899933049566077890514602732
CD Cover 4.75×4.7511512415719233650354063392014852779
1/3 Page 3.5×8.51521632412544446668881046121719653676
1/2 Page 5.5×8.522524335837766099013191555180929205464
2/3 Page 8×8271292431454794119015871870217635146574
3/4 Page 8.5×8.53483755535831019152920402402279545138444
Full Page 8.5×114504855967541319197926383203392051399139









Poster Design Costs:

ProductTypesettingCustom DesignPremium Design
11×17 Poster 4/075.00175.00250.00
18×24 Poster 4/0100.00250.00325.00
19×28 Poster 4/0100.00250.00325.00
24×36 Poster 4/0100.00250.00325.00





Poster Printing Costs:

11×17 Poster 4/0355381438663132519882961
18×24 Poster 4/04795367841154230834614615
24×36 Poster 4/012161529197226995397863611514