Data Does Not Lie

I’d like to provide hard evidence of my success.  These are screen captures from various third party softwares that are available to anyone to track a websites success.  As you can plainly see, each time I’m brought onboard the results are obvious.  Data doesn’t lie.


Latest Success Over 550% Increase in Conversions!

Here is my latest success.  This company spends more than $350,000.00 a year on Google Adwords and was barely getting any return on it at all.  Immediately after my hiring this company starting seeing amazing results.  The final improvements netted over a 550% increase in conversions. I left the budgets in place so that you can see the numbers involved.


My departure was a difficult decision from the employer but they are starting a much larger campaign to market a new franchise model that has brought on a national marketing company.  They are taking over all aspects of the marketing and there is no place for redundancy.


Google Suspension Removal

Here we have a perfect example of a client/employer that had used black-hat techniques and gotten suspended by Google. You can see how many years they languished before my employ and what happened immediately after my hiring.


One of the other issues was this website was based on an old e-commerce platform that had gone belly-up and had no updates for over 4 years.  Previous managers just kept this old, vulnerable platform going.  It took someone with my commitment to dig in and do the hard work to rebuild it in WordPress using WooCommerce from the ground up.  This company now makes in the area of a million dollars a month of this website.


Micro Management

Here is an example of an owner of a company hiring me and then telling me how to do my job.  The results were mediocre at best until all aspects of the SEO and marketing we put in my hands.  The results were so successful it caused issues with the server being overloaded and so many calls that two new employees had to be hired.


Upon hiring I was instructed by the business owner on what moves he wanted me to make.  I followed his instructions until one day I was called in his office and told he was not satisfied with the results I was providing.  I explained they were not my results but his.  I was doing what he instructed.  I was then given complete control over the SEO and you can plainly see the results. My final move before leaving was learning competitors we guilty of black-hat techniques and reported them to the major search engines.  This was so successful that this company still holds several number one spots for several keywords today years later.


First Major Breakthrough

Although for many years I’ve done great things for small companies this was my first opportunity to work on campaigns in excess of a 100K a year.  There was such a successful turn-a-round in these campaigns that Google requested access for their research.


This company was suspended by Google for organic results because of black-hat techniques.  In all fairness, the techniques they used to get to the top of the rankings were not black hat when they employed them.  But with the evolution of the algorithms and search engines evolution of defining what they found acceptable and what they didn’t after a major update their primary marketing tactic became black-hat. However, to complicate things the passing of their webmaster happened at this same time and they did not keep up with the communications from the search engines. They were warned they would be suspended.  After not complying they were indeed suspended.


I think it is also important to note that this company hired two other professionals to remedy this situation prior to my employ that were not successful.  The owner thought that my salary requirements were too high.  He decided to go with someone cheaper thinking anyone could get it done. After trying to work with these two other professionals for six months of trying to get it done, I was called in to fix it for them. 


I was able to get them out of the suspension and started steady growth.  As you can see, when things are not kept up there can be immediate consequences.  The subsequent success was from a plan I had pitched where they sponsored a television show with product.  A national advertising agency was hired at nearly five times my salary to get the results after my departure.  It is important to note that my salary that he was so concerned about was dwarfed by the positive returns when they hit the front page of Google.  The increase in revenue per month was more than double my annual salary. 


Results Speak for Themselves

As you can see, for each of my past client/employers there has been a vast improvement upon my hiring.  Unfortunately, some thought that the work was now done and they didn’t need me now that they were number one on Google.  Others went with companies that offer a wide breadth of services in a package that I, as one person, can not accomplish unless I were provided a staff.


Bottom line, if you want results these can not be denied.