SEO Case #4

This was a cool gig.  Got to live in Southern California for a little bit.  Loved it!

What I faced here was I was hired to do some SEO work for a client that used to be number one on Google and was hugely successful for several markets.  Among them health and beauty products and the herbal industry.  But his success was thwarted as he heavily invested in techniques that over night became black-hat and several of his sites were suspended.

But what often happens is that clients are not tech persons and they do not realize the scope of the job at hand.  As it turned out the flagship website was in a defunct shopping cart (Interspire) that had no updates or security patches for over four years!  It was abandoned and the client just let it keep running.

Once we learned this we knew that the site had to be updated.  For security I recommended Joomla but another tech person at the company had already started developing sites in WordPress.  Since I know it as well I switched and we rebuilt their flagship website and moved all 300 products, over 180,000 customers and 5 years of orders into the new system.  Over the Christmas Holiday.

Today they have more than 40 pages waiting for the final phase of my plan to be executed and they will dominate the front page of Google for their industry.  The final and crucial step is backlinks.  One of the final keys to the puzzle.