Video Samples

Thank you for your interest in my video productions skills.  These are just some samples from over the years to give you an idea of my production skills.

Editing & Color Correction

This is probably one of my proudest accomplishment along with my awards.  I was chosen my Mike L. Murphy to edit for him on this project.  Why does that matter?  Click Mike’s name and that will take you to his IMDB.  I edited the project and did some color correction.

There are over twenty videos in this series.


Show Runner

As a showrunner you are responsible for all aspects of the show.  From the hiring and firing to the entire process and workflow.  These are samples of a show that I ran that was part of a multitiered marketing plan called Pinz & Needlez that took on several changes.

The producer did not have a clear vision of what he wanted.  One of the pitfalls of the video production industry.  If you are not a season professional you need to know exactly what you want the finished product to be.  This is all hashed out in pre-production meetings so that we know exactly what to shoot.  This show began as a show about the tattoo industry and how people with tattoos are perceived by society in general.

Here is a pet project of the Executive Producer of PnN.  He had found a favorite artist that he befriended and wanted to do a project about the artist and his life.

This sample is of the episode after a well known show-runner from Atlanta, that was running a popular reality show, came down to review what we had done.

His take was that what we had accomplished  with the budget we and was simply amazing.  He cited that the more interesting topic was  the crew I had assembled to make the show.  So we embarked upon a show – about making a show.

Pinz n Needlez from Frank Matowitz on Vimeo.

This is what we called a “Promotisode” or a “Promotional” video that was part of a series or “Episode” from a reality TV show I was the Show Runner for.  We came in on time and under budget.

This is Jill Scott from the now defunct, Hoffman-Porges Gallery in Ybor City.  This is a sample of a more long form video.  The interesting part of this video is that it was to be directed by someone else that didn’t show that morning and I had to take over director duties of this with less than 20 minutes notice.These are more promotion videos for P&N.  These segments were designed by other staff members by instruction of the producer.  He wanted other points of view and styles.   That accounts for some of the uncharacteristic shots and angles.  It was intentioned to be more artistic.    I acted as camera op and some editing as part of the team I had assembled.

Product Videos

Do you have a product or series of products that you would like your potential clients to see being installed?  Here are a few videos done for a former client that are similar to the “How It Is Done” videos.

More Samples

Here is a sample of what is called “Kinetic Typography”.  This was done in concert with an organization I helped found in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  This was to be the first free MOOC where people could educated themselves up to a high school equivalency.  We were going to offer it within correctional institutions so that persons could educate themselves prior to release so that they might be more productive members of society.  Needed $4.5 million to make it happen.  I can build it but getting funding???

Just a little After Effects work to promote my business and skills.

Next Level TV

These are some samples of my show that I produced mostly as a one-man-band operation.  I had wonderful talent and a friend helped with a little camera work but other than that, it was all me.

Next Level TV was the first “TV Show” for the Internet to be streamed.  At this  time (2001 – 2002) the way you watched videos from the Internet was that you had to download them completely before you could watch them.  I worked with Real Media and was one of the first people to license their Real Media Helix Streaming server.  This made this show one of the very first things that you could click on and with a little bit of buffering, could watch it right then.

The show was extremely popular and was stolen and broadcast in three foreign countries.  It featured beautiful, fun loving young women that explored fun and exciting topics.  Back then I attempted to get sponsors telling them that video would drive the Internet.  I can’t tell you how many people looked at me like the RCA dog (with head tilted in confusion) asking “TV? One the Internet?  Whose going to watch TV on their computer?”.  Remember, cell phones did not exist back then.  Tablets did not exist then.  The concept was to build a platform that other producers could share their content.  A “Youtube” while those guys were still in school.

Another point is that these are in 4:3 format because HD 16:9 that we all take for granted, didn’t exist then either.

Here is the introduction to “Learn2Fly Part II”.  Host Heather Champ expressed an interest in flying and that was all it took.  I reached out to a fellow producer whose brother was a flight instructor and here is a bit of the result.

Here is a segment from the show for which I won my awards.  This is the second half of the show.  The first half of the show covered the the topic from a novice point of view.  The second half, which this is, covered the topic from an experienced person and how do they take it to the “Next Level”.   This is one of the first times that sport bike stunt teams were filmed and promoted.

Here is another sample of the second half of the show where people that have experience in the topic took it to the “Next Level”.  Again, another production first.  This was one of the first times the sport of “Pond Swooping” was covered.  An interesting fact is that more than one of the persons we featured went on to win the top spot in their sport. Later that year Paul went on to win the world championships.

It’s tough for me to watch this even still.  This is Dan Wheldon, a Saint Petersburg resident that was a great supporter of the show.  Although we didn’t spend a lot of time with Dan for the first St. Pete Grand Prix (We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with the winner, Paul Tracy of Team Player from Canada)  but we spent a lot of time with him the second year of the race when this was filmed.  Sadly, Dan lost his life in a horrific crash at Indy.  I will never forget his kindness and generosity to a group of people that were not from a big market media company, but a tiny group of unknowns that he treated just like we were one of the major outlets.  Maybe even better.  RIP Dan.  You are missed.